Risques et environnement " (RE) master's degree brings together a wide range of expertise on broad aspects of environment studies (environmental sciences, ecology, environmental management), as well as on topics related to environmental risks (management of crisis, pollution, geography of risks, crisis of biodiversity, sustainable management of ecosystems, climate change, land-based risks..).

Sciences and Engineering of the Environment" (SGE) is one of courses programmes of RE MSc and offers a unique combination of high-quality interdisciplinary training on scientific aspects around major environmental challenges (chemistry, physics, biology, geochemistry, earth sciences. .). The goal of this programme is to give you the knowledge, skills and practical experience to conduct and manage environmental studies, including metrology, development practice, management and environmental research. This programme will prepare you for work in both the public and private sectors, and within local, national and international institutions. Alternatively, you could pursue a research career or go on to a PhD.

This course is co-accredited by the University of Paris and the University Paris Est Créteil (UPEC). The courses are taught jointly at both universities.